“Location, location, location,” says your commercial real estate agent. And a business address matters plenty. But after you sign the relocation forms, and before you update the website and your corporate stationery, take it from this 20-year commercial mover, your next three office-moving priorities are people, people, people.

The Commercial Movers That Majors in People

In the early days, AB Moving was local only, helping Texans go home to home. But what we learned at home, so to speak, goes with us: A good move is about good people care. As our home-moving customers trusted and came back to us, we became local office movers too — helping businesses and families grow.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, of course, we learned that smart office relocations can be next door or in the next city. Then commercial moving took us even beyond Dallas and Fort Worth to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. With every move, with every chance to understand moving needs even better, we knew smart relocation services have everything to do with going the extra mile. Our services grew to encompass:

  • Office moving
  • Delivery & installation services
  • Local storage/warehousing
  • Asset-management control
  • White-glove delivery services

First/last mile logistics Glance through that list again. Moving an office is more than moving the physical items in a room or cubicle. We move what offices stand for. We restore business, put companies back in order . . . In a local move, you could say, we make sure our services make a world of difference.

Local-Office Moves Benefit from Local Movers

Bottom line: Once you’ve found the right new location, find the right people to get you there.

Pay attention from the first conversation. As you interview local moving companies, look for courtesy and respect. How they handle even a first meeting tells you something important about how they’ll handle your business’ physical assets.

Look for creative thinking. Given that no two commercial office moves are the same, your relocation team requires creative local movers — the difference, believe me, between average and superior.

Check for movers’ knowledge and tools. You want your tech equipment, large conference room furniture and complex fixtures handled with care and experience. What do your commercial office movers know about that? Do they have the equipment and tools to take down and reassemble cubicles, desks, projection, sound equipment, server rooms.

Ask about licensing. Ask your office movers about proper licensing and insurance so that as you concentrate on business, everything move-related for your company is covered and protected.

If you’re thinking about a move, think about AB Moving. We’ll shake your hand, look you in the eye, explain moving considerations you haven’t thought of yet, and show you the human side of commercial office moves.

Because AB Moving makes every commercial-office move . . . personal.