I was at my desk, and the headline hooked me: “Dallas-Fort Worth could see biggest population surge in U.S. through 2029.”  I’m an office mover, and I kept reading.

Dallas/Fort Worth is the fastest-growing metro area in the nation, the article said, quoting a report compiled recently from the U.S. Census Bureau and Moody Analytics. Between 2010 and 2019, North Texas added more than 1.3 million new residents.

What are the Commercial Movers Demographics?

Several googles later, I had a few indicators pertinent  to commercial office relocations:

As a moving-company professional of 20-plus years — a veteran of hundreds of local relocations, office or commercial — I see booming demographics and ask myself if AB Moving is prepared.  Then I ask how we can help our customers prepare. If you’re a business contemplating a local relocation, from a long-time commercial mover, as you’re trading up, here’s a little insider knowledge.

A Commercial Office Mover’s Top Five Tips for Smart Relocations

Before a single box is taped up, ninety percent of the success of a company’s relocation has been determined in its preparation. “Give me six hours to cut down a tree,” Abraham Lincoln is said to have said, “and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” A business able to both run smoothly and move smoothly has sharpened its axe – trimmed its downtime – not in the physical office relocation but in the week to two months ahead of the move date.

  • Put one person in charge – someone organized, decisive, and with authority.
  • Back up that person – with an office-relocation company team from the major sections of business.
  • Set a timeline – with items like lease termination, move date, new-lease signing, new office buildout start and finish, inauguration of business in the new offices.
  • Set a budget – and routinely consulted it.
  • Operate from a detailed spreadsheet – list every single task necessary to the move, who’s responsible, and by what date.

Just as a city is more than its numbers, a good business move is more than pickup and delivery. For us and for you, a good commercial move begins well ahead of the moving date.

Additional Resources & Helpful Tips