Within the relocation process, one of the most important things to do is to take measurements before moving in. Not only should you measure the spaces in your new home, you also need measurements of your furniture. Reserve some time well before your Dallas movers or apartment movers arrive at your doorstep in order to measure your bulkier household belongings. Additionally, if it is accessible, take measurements of your new home as well.

Things to Measure Before a Move – Different Furniture Pieces

While our Dallas local movers offer an extensive selection of professional Texas relocation services, there are still things to do before moving in that you can accomplish by yourself. You can be the one to take measurements before moving in to make sure your furniture will fit into your new place. Before you even measure the space, you have to measure the furniture itself.

Sofas & Couches 

Measure the length and the diagonal depth. Diagonal depth is measured by placing a straight edge yardstick from the highest point of the back frame to the highest point of the arm. Then, place a measuring tape from the bottom rear corner to the midpoint that bisects the straight edge, this is your diagonal depth.

Bookcases, Wardrobes, Armoires, & Rectangular Furniture

Measure the length, depth, and diagonal height from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner.

Other Furniture Pieces

Measure the width, height, and depth of your beds, dressers, chairs, tables, and any other large furniture items as well as any area rugs you may have.

How to Measure a Room for Furniture

Taking measurements of the spaces in your new home is another thing you should do before you move in. Once you have your furniture dimensions and space measurements written down, then you can determine which of your belongings will fit into your new space and which ones will not. You can either get rid of the furniture that doesn’t fit or you can take advantage of our temporary or long-term Dallas storage services. As you assess each room, here are some measurements you should consider taking note of:


Living Room

Measure the length, even sometimes the height, of each wall using a measuring tape. Don’t forget about any openings to a hallway, the kitchen, or the entryway. Don’t forget the windows, where they are and their measurements. You’ll have a better idea about how you can configure your furniture so that you don’t block the natural light coming from the windows while creating a functioning flow within the living room and leading to the rest of the house.



Measure the largest space of the bedroom or suite to figure out what type of bed can be placed there. If you have a closet, taking detailed measurements will tell you if you can fit your dresser or current storage system inside. It’s also important to measure the arc of the door’s swing so nothing gets in the way of opening or closing it.


Don’t Forget to Measure Doorways, Hallways, and Other Entryways

While the square footage inside your new home may be big enough to hold all your furniture, whether or not those items will fit through your home’s entryways is another story. Your Dallas-Fort Worth moving company can more aptly prepare for your move if they are aware of these measurements. Both you and your professional movers will avoid wasting time transporting items that will have to be left on the curb once you get to your destination as well as diminish any potential property damage.



Measure the width and ceiling height from the first step and last step as well as any turns and landings. You’ll use the smallest measurements.



Measure width from wall to wall and ceiling height of hallways, elevators, and any connecting doorways.



Measure width and height of every doorway your furniture will have to pass through. For apartment moves, measure the doors of the main building, the stairwell, as well as the doors of your apartment unit. What you need to measure for new house first is the main front door as well as the entryways coming in and out of your garage or the backyard in order to transfer your furniture into the house.

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