There are many reasons why you would be moving to a new apartment. Maybe you’re moving out of your parent’s home, maybe you’d rather live in a cosmopolitan downtown area, maybe you’re downsizing from a larger house, or maybe you just prefer apartment living. Regardless of why you’re moving into an apartment unit, know that your relocation will come with some apartment moving challenges.

Challenges unique to these types of moves are challenges our professional apartment movers are more than capable of handling.

Smaller Square Footage

One of the most pressing challenges of apartment moving is having to deal with the typically limited square footage. Tighter spaces and narrower doorways make it more difficult to move household items in or out, particularly bulkier things like furniture, without denting the walls or causing other property damage. Luckily, our Houston movers specialize in apartment moving and know how to navigate apartments while keeping your belongings in your new home safe and protected.

Less Room for Your Belongings

Another common apartment moving challenge that comes with moving into a smaller square space is that all of your furniture and possessions may not fit. Not having enough square footage to accommodate all of your belongings is one of the major problems with apartment living – or perhaps it’s a blessing? One of our biggest tips for apartment moving is to measure doorways and rooms to figure out which of your items will fit and which will not before moving in. If you have some things that don’t fit but you don’t want to get rid of, take advantage of the short-term and long-term solutions we offer at our Houston storage facilities.

Multiple Story Buildings

While some apartments are on the ground level, a common apartment problem is the fact that many units are located on the upper levels of apartment complexes and condominiums. Your residential movers will either have to carry your things up the stairs or use an elevator. Our physically fit moving crews at AB Moving & Storage are familiar with the safest and most effective heavy lifting techniques. If your apartment building has a service elevator, our Texas moving professionals will make sure to reserve it for your moving day.

Certificate of Insurance

Some landlords and property managers will require a Certificate of Insurance before allowing your moving crew to start moving things in or out of their property. This document will prove that your movers are insured for that specific property. When you move with AB Moving & Storage, we’ll make sure to get that certificate and any other necessary documentation prior to moving day.

Let AB Moving & Storage take care of the apartment moving challenges by contacting us or calling 214-644-6683 today!

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