As any pet owner can attest, pets are a fundamental part of your family. So, when you move to a new home, chances are you’ll be moving with pets. And just like your human family members, the process of moving out of your old home and into a new home can be a stressful experience for your furry children. Our Dallas movers have compiled a list of important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while moving with cats and dogs.

DO Check Your State Laws & Regulations

The majority of states have their own rules and laws regulating the entry of animals and pets into their borders. A good tip when moving with pets – become familiar with the local laws in the state you are moving into well in advance of your moving day. You can contact a veterinarian, the city clerk, or town hall in your new state to learn about any rules, licenses, and fees involved in moving with pets.

DON’T Put Pets in Your Moving Truck

Regardless of whether you move with our Dallas residential movers, Austin movers, Houston movers, or one of our local moving crews in other cities all over Texas – know that we will not transport any of your pets in our moving trucks. High heat temperatures, heavy moving boxes, and other dangerous conditions found inside a moving truck while it’s in transit pose a great risk to the safety of your pets.

If you are using a moving truck rental, don’t put your pets inside. Instead, pets should accompany you in your personal vehicle. If you are moving with multiple pets, you may need more than one car – plan accordingly.

DO Prepare Your Pets Before Moving

Scheduling a visit to the veterinarian and updating your pets’ identification tags and records are important things to do before your move. A lot of states require a health certificate listing of all your pet’s immunizations to verify it doesn’t have any infectious diseases. Request this certificate from your vet and keep it with you when you travel.

To keep your pets safe, make sure they are properly collared and tagged (permanent ID, rabies tags, microchip, etc.) during the journey to your new home. Make a new tag, you can use a luggage tag, with your pet’s name, your name, destination address, and an additional emergency contact in case you can’t be reached and attach it your pet’s collar. Your pets’ ID information will have to be updated once you settle down in your new place.

Whether you are moving with pets or not, our Dallas-Fort Worth Moving Company has the relocation services to meet all your moving needs. Call us at 214-644-6683 to learn more about our relocation services or get your free moving quote today!

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