At AB Moving & Storage, we are proud to serve the residents and businesses of North Texas. Our Texas moving professionals provide top-quality relocation services to cities throughout the state including the cities that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. If you’re planning a move to Dallas, Fort Worth, or any of the places in between – call our professionals movers in Dallas and Fort Worth. We are more than ready to take on your move and give you a stress-free moving experience.

Local Moving Expertise in TX

After more than 20 years providing relocation services in this major North Texas metropolitan area, our movers in Dallas and Fort Worth full-service movers are incredibly familiar with area, its regulations and communities. If you want your move to Dallas-Fort Worth to go as seamlessly as possible, take advantage of the experience and expertise our moving companies in Dallas and Fort Worth bring to the table. Our movers know how to navigate the local roads, how to address the unique challenges that comes with completing a move within a city, and how to supply our customers with the best packing supplies in the area.

Apartment Relocation Services

While our residential movers in Fort Worth and Dallas are experts at helping our customers move in and out of houses, apartment moving is another specialty of ours. A specialty which serves our customers well since most city dwellers live in apartments rather than full-size single-family homes.

Our Dallas and Fort Worth full-service movers are familiar with all the unique steps necessary to successfully pull of an apartment move. They know when to reserve parking spaces, reserve elevator time, move furniture up flights of stairs, or haul up bulky items through windows. All these unique challenges are easily taken care of when you work with our local moving companies in Fort Worth or Dallas.

Are you moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex anytime soon? Contact our Texas moving professionals today to learn more about our relocation services and how our professional movers can apply them to complete your move. Use our free moving quote calculator or call us at 214-520-3059 for free no obligation quote today.