Ten Ways to Make a Clean Home or Office Move in a Pandemic

Smart moves take on new meaning in the Great Pandemic of 2020, as commercial and home relocations – local or long-distance – keep movers in the “essential” category. If your office or family is moving beyond social distance, what steps can you take to keep the relocation safe?

From your favorite moving company (local or long-distance) here’s the Top 10 countdown.

  1. Ask hard questions – and give honest information. For your own assurance, ask: Have any of your office movers or home movers shown symptoms in past weeks? Anyone directly exposed to someone with Covid-19? (This assumes that you, your family or and anyone in your office also have no reason to be isolated or quarantined.)
  2. Enlist your kids in the moving-hygiene movement. Let a child pick out a hand soap or container for frequent use. Learn a silly saying for the recommended 20-second hand washing. Explain the rules and deputize your children to help enforce them.
  3. As you pack, sanitize all you can. Before the movers come, put frequently used objects in plastic bags, then close tightly or tape shut. Use gloves and wear masks. Wash hands frequently. Ask your movers to do the same. Use garbage bags large and small to seal everything possible.
  4. Wear old clothes that cover you well. When you’re finished packing, peel off your long pants and long sleeves to drop directly into the washer. This includes the bandana around your mouth and nose, should you run short on masks.
  5. Keep your distance. When small spaces make distance impossible, do your best not to share those spaces. This rule works better in a commercial environment, of course. In a home move, as much as possible, stand back and let your moving service do its work.
  6. Wear gloves. When signing for services or shuffling boxes and contents, keep the gloves on. Maintain safe distances as much as possible. With your movers and moving company, commercial or home, all safety rules still apply.
  7. When you unpack, sanitize again. Wear gloves to open the boxes from your moving company, then toss out the boxes and wash your hands. The items in the boxes, pull out one by one to a) let air for days or b) sanitize before you use. As much as possible, and for days, leave items in an empty room or in the garage. This goes for office relocations and home moves, local or long-distance.
  8. When unwrapping, have a dirty space and a clean space. Set objects in the dirty space, sanitize them, and move them to the clean space. (A designated dirty space works for mail and groceries, too.) Afterwards, disinfect all space.
  9. Remove empty boxes. Deposit boxes in as few areas as possible. Don’t save empty boxes. Discard them all and sanitize the “dirty” area they occupied.And the number one way to ensure a clean, safe move – long-distance or next door, office or home – while a pandemic keeps the world on high alert? (Drum roll.)
  10. Hire professionals. My Maid Day.com works ahead of your AB Moving movers on the front end, helping to clean, sanitize, and pack. On the other end of moving your home or office, My Maid Day services help you unpack, clean, and restore order. Coordinating the scheduling with your AB Moving professionals, i your move is safer and more efficient. Leave the worries to the experts.

Once you’re moved into your new office or home, social distancing can allow time to air your belongings and, with time and confidence, mix them back into ordinary use.

And remember:

  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds, and wear gloves.
  • Don’t touch your face. (Wearing a mask, scarf or bandana can help you keep your hands away from your face.)