Austin is indeed a beautiful city. Here we present you the top five reasons people feel drawn to Austin. People move there for many reasons. Whether someone is moving for a new job or just for a change of environment, Austin offers something unique to everyone. In the past several years, Austin has emerged as one of the fastest growing cities of the U.S and has been at the top of Forbes’ annual list as well. The top five reasons that entice people to move to Austin are as follows:

Low Cost of Living: The city of Austin shares a wonderful combination of urban and small town living, affording a comfortable living space and neighborhood. The cost of living in Austin is around three percent less than the national average in the United States. Moreover, one can enjoy the fact that there is no state income tax in Texas.

Good Job Opportunities: With the influx of a large number of young talented employees from every corner of the United States and across the world, Austin has emerged as a top corporate tech hub. Many young graduates from local universities have also joined the growth. Austin has been raked as the “2013 Best place for Young Adults,” as reported by The Business Journal. The employment opportunities are vast for young & deserving individuals.

A Haven for Music Lovers: If you are an ardent music fan, Austin is the place to be. World famous musicals and festivals by renowned musical houses and musicians are organized here. In short, for all music fans, this city offers wider opportunities than any other city in the United States.

Lower Crime Rate: As per a report published by Huffington Post, Austin scored the third lowest in violent crime among major U.S. cities.

Healthy Living Venues: Weather remains quite pleasant throughout the year in Austin. Air quality is also comparatively very clean and Austin has been featured among the top ten healthiest cities of 2012 by Huffington Post.

Cultural Involvements: Enhance the cultural fulfillment of your life by visiting a number of museums, theaters, art galleries, local events and much more. Moreover, the food is also quite exotic and lovely here.

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