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Before you start sorting through your clothes – before you start looking for moving boxes. In fact, before you start doing any packing or any beginning steps of your move, you have to first determine what type of move your next one will be, what category will it fit into: a local move or a long-distance move?

While it’s obvious that these two types of moves are different from each other, clearly defining exactly how they are distinct isn’t always so obvious. The definitions of an intrastate move versus an interstate move may differ between our and another moving company.

However, there are similarities and averages you can look to when categorizing your own move. That’s what our relocation professionals aim to achieve with this moving article – point out the differences between a local move vs. a long-distance move.


What is Considered a Local Move vs. a Long-Distance Move?

A local move is often called an intrastate move because local moving happens within one state. Our Dallas local movers do not cross any state borders when executing a relocation.

On the other hand, a long-distance move is often called a long-haul or interstate move. An interstate move is one that takes you out of state. Keep in mind, not all long-distance moves are interstate moves.

When it comes to most Texas moving companies, in a state this expansive, the general rule is a local move is under 100 miles, while a long-distance move is over 100 miles. These are the classifications our team at AB Moving & Storage uses when planning your move.


How Much Do Movers Cost for a Local Move?

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average moving cost for a local intrastate move is $2,300. Local moves are typically charged at an hourly rate. That is the case with our moving crews. The hourly rate depends on how many movers are assigned to your relocation.


How Much Does It Cost to Move Long Distance?

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average moving cost for a long-distance move is $4,300. In most cases, a long-distance move is charged at a flat rate. Our moving company charges a flat rate, which takes into account the distance of your move, the square footage of your home, and the weight of the household items you need transported.


A Local and Long-Distance Moving Company

AB Moving & Storage is both a local and long-distance moving company. We are registered and licensed to carry out intrastate moves (TXDMV # 000571862b) and interstate moves (USDOT #1939700 and MC #861570). If you are planning a local or long-distance move, choose our movers in the following cities and beyond:

  • Dallas movers
  • Fort Worth movers
  • Austin movers
  • San Antonio movers
  • Plano movers

If you have any questions about our Texas relocation services, don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us or calling 214-740-4926 today! A member of our staff will gladly answer any inquires and help you schedule your next move.

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