Relocation is a challenging and cumbersome task especially when it comes to business relocation. Relocating your business is something that should be done with careful thought and consideration. It may impact your business in both the short and long term. Relocation of your business involves moving the entire contents of an office to a new place. The cost involved in moving is directly proportional to the distance from your original location. A little bit of research, coupled with thoughtful planning can help you find the optimal time to relocate. Getting the timing right for move your move is essential and will help you save money, while the wrong timing may expose you to the risk of paying high rent and limited availability of business space.

Factors To Consider The Best Time For Business Relocation

  1. Cost: One of the foremost and obvious considerations is to identify the cost involved in relocation. Be sure to consider the hidden or secondary costs involved in it. In case of a long-distance move, make sure to contact long-distance movers in Texas to facilitate your move. The more distant the new location, the higher will be cost involved in moving. It is advisable to do a cost-benefit analysis to assess if it is profitable. During cost-benefit analysis, you need to pay attention to various factors such as lease or mortgage payment, and costs involved in moving utilities.  Your existing shipping, and wage costs, etc. could be impacted.
  2. Planned Moving: In case you are planning to move everything at once, it could prove disruptive for your business. Business relocation is quite different from a residential move. A business relocation requires a different approach and a lot of time and patience. It is advisable to move your business steadily in a phased manner. You can start with moving the stuff that is not required immediately. For packing and moving bulky items, we recommend hiring professional movers who offer commercial moving services. Meanwhile, you can pack items that aren’t too crucial for your business. When the final moving day comes, you’ll just have to move the more important parts of your business. Hiring professional movers help will keep you away from the stress of mishandling expensive office equipment during the move. Additionally, they are pros and have years of expertise in providing successful commercial moves.
  3. Declutter As Per Your Time & Need: Decluttering is a process to get rid of unwanted belongings and items that are no longer required. Recycling, selling, donating, office junk removal, and throwing away items are some of the several ways to declutter. De-cluttering will give you more space and can boost your employee’s productivity, too.
  4. Creative Re-Designing of Your Space: Take a look at your new space and get all the important information such as blueprint, floor layout, etc. This will help you in the identification of key areas, electrical points, storage space, and more. This way, you can design a general layout plan for your new space and can compare it with your earlier business space. Try to figure if the new spaces will help improve processes while you plan your layout. Make a list of ideas that you wish to incorporate in your new space. Also make a list of potential problems with new space, based on which you’ll need to hire painters, carpenter, electrician, hardware or software personnel.
  5. Employee Satisfaction: Employees are assets of any organization and we should do our best to satisfy them. The feeling of satisfaction amongst employees will certainly bring you the feeling of accomplishment. Arrange some time to get feedback and ideas about arranging their new space. This will help employees feel of a part of the process and help with moral.
  6. Assign Responsibility & Charge: Once you are all set to move, assign someone to be in charge of the entire project of moving. You might need someone to find professional movers who can offer the best commercial moving services for your business.

We recommend that you make sure that the new place for the business is a good place for your existing employees too. Consider their commute, and businesses that are close by can help with convenience tasks such as stores, service businesses etc. You can risk losing some of your best talent to business relocation if the employees are not considered.

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