Are you planning to move to a new City? Make research a part of your moving plan. Use your phone or laptop and get online to research about the city be it municipal services, utility providers, doctor’s clinics, coffee shops, libraries, shopping marts, nearby grocery stores, etc. We recommend booking a tour with a local primary school for your kids and finding out where the local park, playing area is located. By following some simple tips, you can feel at ease in your new city.

  • Check Neighborhood Databases: Get over the web and you’ll find several online databases that contain information about U.S cities. Visit Sites Such as, Neighborhood Scout, Street Advisor etc., To deep dig into demographics, neighborhoods, streets etc. Check out walk score rates for your neighborhood based on walking distance & proximity to school, coffee shops parks, hospitals, etc.
  • Contact City Hall: City Hall is one of the best sources to get information about a city. While contacting, ask about new resident resources or visit their website to find detailed information on all topics such as utility service providers, voter registration, trash pickup, recycling centers etc.
  • Commutation: Based on the distance of nearby areas, workplace, etc. from your home, find out the typical – commute length. In case you’ll be driving, see google maps to get a traffic overview of the route. Transit authorities have an online “Plan my route” service available online using which you can know from where you need to switch trains, take bus etc. All this will make your local commute easy & time savvy.
  • Check Reviews: Having kids at home? Use online tools/portals to check reviews about the best schools, daycare facilities, restaurants, cafes, etc in your vicinity.
  • Check Crime Rates: Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure environment. We recommend visiting the local police department website to get an overview of the crime rate in your area. You can also check online databases such as crime reports, family watchdog, and spot crime, etc. To analyze local crime statistics of your area.

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