Now that the holidays are over, it is time to put the decorations away.  Christmas decoration and supplies are essential part of the holidays yet we don’t consider it as a top priority. Just imagine, spending your valuable time in detangling your favourite holidays lights and decorations. As a pro in packing & moving, we’ve nailed down some of great tips to pack holiday ornaments. So, whether you are packing up for the season or for a move, just do it right. It’ll save your time, money, and most importantly your major headaches for the next holiday season.

  1. Get Your Supplies Together: Stock up on supplies. Try to reuse things/materials available around. For instance, Christmas gift wraps can be given second life as packing paper, or you can shred it and use it as filler to protect fragile ornaments. You can also reuse various gift boxes, cookie tins, egg cartons, cake base, bubble wraps found inside various gift items, etc. You’ll need following supplies:
  • Packing paper for wrapping ornaments
  • Cardboard boxes for storage
  • Bubble wrap & fillers for added protection
  • Ziploc bags for ornament hooks
  • Tape/Glue
  • Permanent marker for proper labelling of bags & boxes
  1. Sort Everything Out: Christmas is the time to enjoy, do some fun activities, eat, party, and enjoy time with friends, and family. Setting up holiday decorations should be a fun activity, not something that makes you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. We recommend sorting out your ornaments before packing them away in order to get everything organized for next year and avoid unnecessary headaches while decorating every year. You can organize your stuff in following different ways:
  • Based on type (Lights, Outdoor accessories, Garlands)
  • Based on Room/Space (Family room/kitchen)
  • Based on Display (Christmas tree, booties/socks, Mantle display)
  1. Fragile Items Need Extra Care & Precaution: Many Christmas decoration items are fragile in nature, and are more prone to damage. Be cautious while handling delicate items and take extra precautions by wrapping them using a bubble wrap or varied layers of tissue before boxing them up. Properly place hooks in Ziploc bags so you don’t lose them. Egg cartons can also be reused for protecting and keeping small sized ornaments in place. Storing strings of lights and garland is a tough can be frustrating, especially keeping them in de-tangled position. Invest in some readymade storage solutions or if you prefer DIY style, wrap these around an old coffee can, old piece of cardboard, cardboard roller inside aluminium foil wrap, etc. One secure, wrap the bundle using a bubble wrap to prevent any breakage.
  2. Make Sure Everything is Secured in Place: One all your ornaments are organized, properly packed, and wrapped up, it’s time to stow them away. Ensure that all items are placed carefully in boxes and vacant spaces inside boxes are filled using fillers such as shredded papers, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc. Make sure that all items are properly secured in order to avoid any damage to box it gets jostled around.
  3. Proper Labelling: Take your time to label the contents of each box. Fragile items should be labelled distinctively using a different marker. This will come handy especially if you’re moving as your movers knows will get to know which items needs special handling. Decorative items that you are have often hold sentimental value. Such items reminds you of cherished Christmas memories. When everything is packed properly, you can rest and relax in your bed that next holiday season, everything will be exactly as you left it.

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