Congratulations for the new addition to your family. Moving is stressful for everyone. Stress is not good for you especially if you are pregnant. Moving while pregnant is a huge job. However, by timely preparation things can be under your control. Guard yourself from moving stress by following these tips will help you to have a smooth move so that you can fully focus on the most important aspect of your like i.e., welcoming new life into your family.

  1. Consult Your Doctor: Talk to your doctor about your move. Doctor can give you tips and ideas on what you can and cannot do during a move. Moreover, they can also personalize your schedule as every pregnancy is different and body reacts differently to pregnancy.
  2. Time: During pregnancy, safety and health of baby is of top priority. Protect yourself from moving stress by starting early. Give yourself plenty of time to pack for the move. Don’t engage yourself in last minute hustle bustle i.e., trying to do all packing in a couple of days. Human beings have the natural tendency to accumulate stuff as per their need and choice. Start with room that isn’t used very often and pack everything accordingly. Plan a strategic approach for packing of stuffs. By giving yourself ample time to pack will give you enough comfort and peace of mind on moving day.
  3. Packing Essential Pregnancy Items: Every pregnancy is different. Make a list of essential pregnancy items such as your prenatal vitamins, pregnancy snacks, comfy maternity suits, pants, etc. that you will need amidst of move well before moving day in a clear bag/bin. Avoid last minute packing of “essential kits”. This will save your lot of time and all your essentials will be easily accessible.
  4. Let Others Take Responsibility of Moving Heavy Furniture: Pregnancy means no lifting of heavy items, no bending or no struggle in moving heavy stuffs. It is advisable to leave this job for others and let them handle this responsibility.
  5. Professional Cleaning: After a move, home is full of dust bunnies and dirt. In case you want to offer a clean premises to next owner of the house, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job for you. Since you are expecting, you need to stay away from harsh chemicals. Hire a maid service to do the final house cleaning once everything has been packed into the moving truck.
  6. Arrange for a Babysitter or Relative: If you are having kids at home, it is advisable to arrange a babysitter or a relative on the moving day to take care of the kids at home because kids tend to make things more complicated.
  7. Plan for New Home: One you arrive at new home; you should have a plan to arrange the things. Don’t shy away from being assertive, since you are expecting and wants things to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You should have a clear idea of the placement of furniture and other stuff at new place so that you need not move it later on. In case something it placed at wrong position or you don’t like the placement, feel free to ask someone to move it for you.
  8. Self-Care: Moving is definitely exhausting for mind and body and when you are pregnant it can take a toll on your health. Listen to your body and don’t shy away to take a little nap or rest in case you feel tired and sluggish. Make sure all your snacks and drinks are handy so you need not search the everywhere. Keep yourself fully hydrated and fed. Avoid taking unnecessary stress as it may not be good for health of your baby.
  9. Baby Stuffs: Babies require a lot of stuff and when you are a first time parent you are excited and tend to buy a lot of baby stuff and gears. Avoid this temptation and wait to buy baby gears and accessories after you move to your new place. This will save moving of extra items from one place to another.
  10. Hygiene: As a new mom to be, you might have been flooded with gifts from friends and relatives. Try to postpone your baby shower ceremony until after your move. It is advisable to keep all baby items in their original packings in order to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of products for the new baby.

Besides above tips, try staying positive and focus on monitoring things. This way everything will be in place for you as well as your baby. AB Moving is a top-rated professional Texas mover, with a wide array of moving services to residents, seniors/ veterans, and businesses across North Texas and beyond. Whether you plan to move eventually—or next week–give us a call. Or drop an email. Get a free moving quote today.