Having extra storage during a move can be an invaluable asset. It can be difficult to navigate all of your options. Should you store things privately in a garage or warehouse? Or select public self-storage units instead? What about vault storage — what’s that all about anyway?! In this article, we’ll unpack how secure storage services can help lighten your load and simplify relocating stressors.

Here are some simple steps to make this helpful resource work for you.

  • Decluttering: Moving can be a great chance to assess your belongings and let go of anything no longer serves you. A storage unit is a perfect solution for temporarily keeping items until you decide what to do with them – giving yourself freedom from clutter and peace of mind.
  • Staging: Staging can make all the difference if you’re looking to put your place on the market. By decluttering and storing some of your furniture or personal effects in a storage unit, you create an open space that potential buyers find more attractive!
  • Downsizing: Downsizing doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your favorite belongings. With a storage unit, you can keep all the items that add joy and value – without having them take up space in your new home.
  • Temporary Storage: Are you looking for a safe and secure place to keep your belongings while you wait for the keys to your new home? Private storage and self-storage options involve a lot of effort, responsibility, and risk. But finding somewhere safe and secure where you can store them until the move is complete is an easy solution with vault storage. Vaulted, climate-controlled storage is a turn-key option that makes the process much smoother and well worth the extra cost. Our vaulted climate-controlled storage service takes all the hassle away by collecting items from your old space, safely storing them at our facility until they are needed again – then delivering them straight to wherever you choose.
  • Safekeeping: Commercial storage units are the ideal solution if you’re looking for reliable safety and protection of your valuable or fragile items. They offer a secure environment and provide climate control to preserve your belongings perfectly.

Moving can be stressful, but putting your items in storage takes the hassle out of it! Having a safe and convenient option for storing belongings during transition means you can focus on other aspects of moving with peace of mind that your possessions are secure.

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