Moving is a complex process and requires a lot of planning and organization. It’s best to begin planning at least six months before your scheduled move, but that may not be an option if you must pack and move on short notice. The key to a successful move is to stay calm and focused. Hire a professional moving company to facilitate your fast and organized move. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few valuable tips that can help you pack and move in no time!

  1. Set Your Budget: Without time for pre-planning, last-minute moves can quickly add up. Plan your budget as soon as you know you will need to move. Work out estimated costs to determine your needed budget. Make sure to include food and drink, living arrangements in the meantime (if applicable), materials, transportation, and moving company expenses. Leave a cushion in your budget for events that may pop up unexpectedly. If your budget is tight, enlist friends and family to help with moving tasks like packing, unpacking, labeling, etc.
  2. Planning & Organization: When you are short on time, the organization, planning, and execution are critical. Keep a notepad or notes app handy to jot down important things and keep yourself and your move on track. Organize your notes based on when things need to get done. Sticking to a plan makes it much easier to pack and move quickly and efficiently. Everything will feel more manageable with good organization and help from local moving professionals.
  3. Moving Checklist: A moving checklist is essential when time is limited. Plan your strategy based on importance. Divide your tasks into groups and list them in your app or notebook. Mark off the completed tasks, so you know how the move is progressing. Having a list serves as a reminder in case you forget anything. A pre-made moving checklist makes your work easier and is adaptable to your needs.
  4. Ask For Help: Handling a move alone can be overwhelming. Lean on your family and friends for help. Delegate tasks to help you pack and move in no time. If you have young children, get a babysitter or set them up with an activity so you can continue making progress with your tasks.
  5. Hire A Reliable Moving Company to Help: Hiring a reliable moving company is vital in any move. Your mover should identify your needs and efficiently organize your moving tasks. If your family and friends cannot provide references, do some research, and choose a moving company with good ratings and customer reviews. An experienced moving company has a team of skilled movers to help you move quickly and reduce stress.
  6. Pack a Bag of Essentials: Depending on how far you are moving, decide which things you will pack and which things you will need to access. For extended trips, you’ll want to have your necessary items available. Include trip documents, electronics, chargers, drinks and snacks, a change of clothes, medicines, toys for your children, personal hygiene items, towels, and any other items you may need. Having a bag of essentials helps you avoid the stress of digging through packed boxes or having to purchase something you cannot find.

Hiring an expert, licensed, trusted, reliable, and professional moving company will help you eliminate the stress involved in a long-distance move. They are pros at offering moving services within your budget and getting your items moved safely. Contact AB Moving Company, your trusted local movers, to facilitate an easy and smooth move to your new place.