Whether you’re upscaling or downsizing, every physical business relocation brings its own stress. If you’re unprepared, multiply that stress by ten. So here’s the good news: Whether you’re a small business switching buildings or the head of an entire floor of cubicles to disassemble and reassemble . . . whatever it takes, AB Moving knows what you’re facing and will take load off your shoulders.

What’s the source of that Texas-sized confidence? We Texas’ best movers. From around the country, as large numbers of new talent flock to cities like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Lubbock and Amarillo—thriving hubs of commerce and opportunity—for where companies want to go, we’re the go-to mover.

So if you’re in Texas, whether you’re moving up, moving back, or moving just because you can, there’s a way to make your relocation smart, efficient and cost effective. There’s a way to make sure that getting everything and everyone to a new address disrupts not one single day of what you’re in business to do. Read on and highlight at will. From many miles and many hard-earned smiles, this basic checklist, as simple as it may sound, goes a long way to de-hassling any corporate move.

  1. Set a budget. Like a GPS on the highway, a well-reasoned moving budget sets the monetary road map to get an entire company, sanely, from now to the future. AB Moving Tip #1, is to estimate your moving budget on every essential service to design, furnish and set up your new office. Don’t forget disassembling and reassembling the furniture. And don’t forget IT and telecom infrastructure restructuring.
  2. Plan early. The inalterable rule is that the sooner you begin to plan the easier the move for your entire company. From the time you think you may relocate, document your notes and correspondence as you assess where you are now and where you need to be. Lead time is its own reward—you’ll see. With time to discover where the holes are, with time to articulate exactly what you need, you increase the leverage and competition among the services you plan to use and the supplies you purchase. Good planning very often saves a bundle.
  3. Use experts. Hire a moving company that knows office relocation. It’s that simple. In the way your customers come to you for what only you can know, trust experienced moving experts to make quick work in a field you don’t know. Yes, you can load the responsibilities of a business move on the shoulders of your employees. No matter how able they are, however, the money you save may not be worth it. Let your employees do their jobs; let licensed, insured and professional movers do theirs. With your budget set and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish (see steps one and two) evaluate proposals, choose a moving company, and stay on your core mission.

The Physical Move

Clean out the underbrush. To establish your pre-move packing schedule, get with your team to determine what to pack vs. what to sell off or donate before the move. Both before and after the move, inventory all cords and all contents of your supply closet. All those years of intending to “get around to it” have come home to roost. And it feels so good. You get to send the stuff you no longer use not to the next office location but right out the door. Sweep out old materials. Go through stacks. Empty and consolidate boxes of supplies. You know the rule: If you haven’t used it in three years . . .  And not only does the Great Sweep save you money in the move, not only does it help someone else who can use it, the new clarity and order help people think better.

Equip everyone to fill and seal boxes. Suggestion: Create an “Everything box” for knick-knack necessaries such as scissors, tapes, label makers, etc—items small enough to get lost anywhere, especially for large companies with a lot of employees. To see packing grind to a halt because only one pair of scissors can be found and someone used the last bit of tape . . . well, don’t let it happen to you. (Also, before moving, confirm that each and every crate is properly packed and labelled.)

Misc. Two more quick tips: Inform the businesses around you of your move, in case you need additional parking space or need to block entrance for few hours. For smooth sailing on the other end, distribute the floor plan of the new office, each room labelled so movers get specific boxes directly to their destinations.

Clean Up & Settling in the New Office

In the mountain of moving details, it’s easy to overlook getting your new address to all the right vendors and clients—and on all the marketing materials. That’s another “don’t let this happen to you.” Touch base on business cards, social media, Google, Yelp! and any place on the web you’re listed or known. Double- and triple-check the new address on your materials—or else risk a customer or client showing up at the wrong address . . . or failing to show up at all. For the Great Unpacking, arrange work stations and flow for maximum efficiency. This is when the lost productivity of a move really can become a hit in the budget for the entire company.

What to Expect from an Office Relocation Package

At AB Moving & Storage, our Texas moving professionals provide top-tier corporate relocation services to employees and companies all over the state. AB Moving & Storage strictly adheres to the relocation policies and budget set forth by your company. Our corporate relocation services are easily customized to the needs of any employee relocation package.

How much will it cost? Use our moving quote calculator or call AB Moving & Storage today for a free no-obligation moving estimate.