Typically, packing clothes is a less-arduous step of the moving process. Lightweight and usually small in size, clothing articles are easily packed away into boxes and carried into moving trucks. However, winter clothes and coats can present somewhat of a challenge because they are bulkier and sometimes heavier.

Since our local movers in Plano, TX have completed hundreds of full-service moves throughout Texas, we are familiar with the best way to pack any type of household good, including winter clothes. Learn how to pack winter coats for moving by checking out our special packing tips.
Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are specialty moving boxes that allow you to transport your winter clothes exactly as they were in your closet. No need for folding, your Plano movers can just take your hanging sweaters and coats out of your closet and hang them onto the metal rack found inside a wardrobe box. A convenient choice – just order this specialty packing supplies from our Dallas-Fort Worth moving company.

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

Another method of packing winter clothes is to reduce their bulk by placing them into vacuum seal storage bags. A lot of the bulkiness of winter clothes is just empty air. Vacuum that air out and see puffy jackets and parkas shrink into flat squares. You’ll be able to fit more clothes into one box when you can stack these flat vacuum sealed storage bags one on top of the other.

Combine the Two

If don’t want to fold your winter clothes prior to moving while also getting rid of their excessive bulk, you can combine the two previous packing tips. Order wardrobe boxes from our Dallas-Fort Worth moving company and purchase hanging vacuum seal storage bags. Keep your winter clothes on their hangers, place them into hanging vacuum seal storage bags, and flatten them out by vacuuming our any excess air. Fit more winter coats and clothes into one box without having to fold a thing.

At AB Moving & Storage, our local movers in Plano, TX have helped numerous families move from start to finish, from packing up their old household to unpacking at their new home. Our Plano movers provide first-rate packing services utilizing high quality moving boxes and supplies to ensure our customers’ belongings remain protected throughout the moving process.