As fall approaches so does the November holiday with family gatherings and giving thanks – Thanksgiving. At its core, Thanksgiving is a time centered around the family. In that same spirit, our movers in Dallas-Fort Worth have come up with a simple guide on packing up with the whole family for a move.

Whether you are planning on relocating the family soon or are thinking about a move for next year, the following is a helpful collection of moving tips and packing tips when you’re moving with a family. We detail which packing tasks should be assigned to which family members based on age group. You may think it best to ship your kids off to a friend’s house during this time-consuming process, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Children and teenagers can help out with the packing too.

What Can Small Children Pack?

If you’re moving with kids, it’s best for younger children to pack up their own belongings. This makes them feel included, while not getting overwhelmed. Have toddlers and grade-schoolers stay in their bedrooms and focus on packing up lightweight things like clothes, linens, and toys. Be sure to take everything that needs to be packed off from high places, so everything is easily accessible, and your kids won’t risk having to climb on any stools or step ladders. Have them fill up their own moving box but leave the taping to the adults.

What Can Teenagers and Adolescents Help With?

Teenagers and adolescents are old enough to take on a bigger role in the packing process. They can pack up the loose things in their rooms as well as other bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. To avoid injuries, teenagers should refrain from handling heavy items. Instead, after helping pack lightweight stuff, teenagers can vacuum and wipe up the home as it gets emptied out. Adolescents can help dismantle furniture and carry heavier items like small appliances and furniture with the help of adults when necessary.

What Packing to Leave for the Grown-Ups?

There are some packing tasks that should be reserved for adults, preferably professional movers. However, if you are going the DIY route when packing up your household, leave some of the more complicated items to pack to the grown-ups. Delicate electrical appliances like flat-screen TVs, stoves, and ovens (if you are taking them with you) should be unplugged and prepared for moving by adults. Carrying furniture downstairs should also be reserved for parents, while older children can serve as spotters. Packing up with the whole family makes this tedious process easier because everyone is involved.


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