Are you planning a move to Texas? Texas is the second largest state of the US in terms of its size and population. As per recent news published by CNBC on May 19, 2016, more than 50% of the fastest growing cities of the United States are located in Texas. Here are some of the top reasons more and more people are moving to Texas

  • Employment: Moving to Texas to enjoy the weather or topography isn’t the prime reason for relocation to Texas. The prime reason for people moving to Texas is availability of jobs. Unconventional growth in the oil and gas sector has led to emergence of Texas as an economic juggernaut. Moreover this growth has made Texas strong in terms of technology and manufacturing as well as business services.
  • Economically Cheaper: Maintaining a decent standard of life is quite expensive for some people if you are residing in New York, LA or the San Francisco Bay Area but Texas is comparatively economically cheaper as Houston has the highest effective pay check in the country. Other factors attributed to the finding are relatively low cost of living in terms of consumer prices, public transport, home utilities and last but certainly not least, housing prices.
  • Homes: Owning a home is comparatively much easier in Texas in contrast to other states. Land is cheaper and the entire process from land acquisition to getting a building permit for construction of homes is quicker and more efficient. Moreover, abundant supply of land, less regulations and amicable government policies are some of the factors that helped Texas create a better business attitude than other states.
  • Lower Tax Rates: Texas is one of only seven states where residents pay no state income tax. However, the state gets a disproportionate take from property taxes which is a matter of complaint among home owners. But there are tax incentives for businesses, and government policies are also aimed at reducing tax on businesses.
  • Make Your Own Selection: Texas contains one of the biggest cities of the United States. One has a plenty of choices to make, be it San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, EL Paso, Dallas and much more.
  • Why Choose Austin over other Texas Cities: Austin is equidistant to the east and west coasts and only a little over three hours drive to Galveston Bay. It’s far enough south that it doesn’t get too cold and you don’t get many twisters. And it’s a blue dot [Democrat] in a red sea.” The nightlife is great and there’s an emphasis on getting out and about –good maintenance of trail ways and nature.
  • Good Family Lives: Texas has a good value in housing that make it a popular place among families. Moreover, Texas now has an above average ratio of children. One can easily find a mortgage at a reasonable price in addition to good schools with less dropout rate.
  • Lesser Impositions: Texas offers much more liberty in a classic sense but there is a lack of regulations in some areas. They have just recently passed a law to ban texting while driving. Strict email laws are also signed as to which state law enforcement agencies need to get a warrant before accessing anyone’s email.

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