Moving to country side is a tough choice as it can impact your life forever. Shifting to a rural area of the country can bring in drastic transition in your lifestyle. Moving to the country is definitely not a decision that you should make lightly, for oftentimes, such a critical choice can change your life forever. People move to country side in search of better quality of life in terms of health, air quality, safety, peacefulness, serenity and stress but reality might be somewhat different from what you have envisaged in your mind.

Before making any important decision, it is better to analyse the pros and cons associated with moving to the country so that there are no surprises or bad feelings once you permanently move there. In this blog, we’ll discussing the pros of moving to country.

Clean Air: Due to abundance of green areas around your home, there is plenty of clean air available in country side. Meadows, parks, forests etc, make country side much greener place in contrast to highly populated concrete and glass cities. Less traffic, relatively low presence of industrial zones attribute towards cleaner air in country. In case you are suffering with asthma, bronchitis or any other respiratory problem, clean air will be beneficial for your health. Go ahead and research for your destination place and ensure that there are no or minimal industrial factory in your proposed vicinity.

In reality, the fresh air is one of the most significant health benefits of living in the country.

Abudant Space: In contrast to city, country side will offer you ample living space that you’ve always yearned for. Large garden, lush green backyard, vast open space outside, are some of the highlights of a country side home.

Affordability: Cost of living in country side is relatively lower than living in big cities. Living cost is primarily depends on the exact place you’re moving to. before moving to country side, it is advisable to carry out an extensive research and homework to identify the cost involved in managing your lifestyle there. Buying/renting a home in country side would cost you less. Besides that, utility bills, property taxes, price of groceries and other essential services will be relatively affordable than your city counterparts.

Enhanced Safety: Rural areas are safer than urban areas in terms of crime rate. Rural communities are well familiar with their immediate neighbor and other locals as well since communities there are united and closely knit in a way. People there are warm and amiable due to which living in such a secure environment will make you feel more secure and safe.

Tranquillity: Life is a country side is much simple and peaceful in contrast to big city lifestyle. Initially slow-paced life may not seem pleasant to you but in long run it will be highly beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Your life at country side will keep you far from your hectic city schedules and hustle bustle. Stress is an invisible enemy that depletes your physical and mental health. Country life will offer you a more relaxed and laid-back country life so that you start living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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