Moving to a new home in Dallas/Fort Worth entails a laundry list of tasks. One often challenging yet vital task is ensuring the smooth transition of your utilities and services. Here’s a simple guide on how to get your new place ready with all the necessary utilities in a few manageable steps.

Identifying Your Responsibilities

The utilities you’re responsible for setting up may vary depending on whether you’re moving into an apartment, condo, or standalone house. Here are some common utilities to consider:

  • Electricity
  • Water/Sewer
  • Natural Gas
  • Trash disposal
  • Internet, Cable, and Phone
  • Security System

You’ll typically deal with city-provided services for certain utilities, like water and sewer, so contact your local Dallas/Fort Worth office for details. However, shopping around for amenities like internet and cable could get you the best deal.

Communicate with Current Utility Companies

When your moving date is confirmed, notify your current utility providers. Even if your services aren’t switched off immediately after moving, setting a precise move-out date helps avoid extra charges. Remember to share your new address to receive your final bill.

Research New Providers

Before diving into your research, check with your landlord about any existing agreements with service providers. Landlords or housing complexes often have ‘preferred providers’, offering services at discounted rates. If there’s no such agreement, research local providers and compare rates, services, and reviews. While utilities like natural gas or electricity may not vary much between providers, excellent customer service can be a decisive factor.

Prepare Necessary Information

When setting up a new account, you’ll need to share specific information with the service provider, including your name, phone number, new address, Social Security number, and birth date. Some providers may run a credit check using this information. Even if your credit isn’t perfect, you can still receive service – though it might require a larger deposit.

Set Up Start Dates with Providers

The process for starting services varies between utilities. For example, while electricity setup is usually straightforward and can be done over the phone, natural gas setup might necessitate a technician’s visit. Similarly, internet, phone, and television often come in bundled packages and may need a technician for installation.

Remember to schedule these tasks at least two weeks in advance to avoid last-minute hitches. This is also an excellent time to confirm your moving day details with your professional moving company.

Focus on Moving Day

With your utilities set up, you can concentrate on the move. With a reliable team of Dallas movers like AB Moving & Storage, you can rest easy and let us handle the heavy lifting while you take care of the finer details. Welcome to your new, well-prepared home!

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