During this pandemic time upscaling or downsizing a business is a complicated process and can be quite daunting and stressful in case you are not well prepared for the move. Office relocation is a part of commercial moving that has undergone significant changes in last few years.  Dallas is a popular city of the state of Texas. Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is home to various corporate headquarters including various fortune 500 companies. If you are planning to move your office to Dallas, here are top 5 tips that can facilitate your office move.

  1. Pre-Planning: Give yourself a plenty of time to either organize the move yourself or hire a company offering commercial moving services in Dallas. If you plan to conduct the move by your own, carry out an online research or seek help from your peers in industry to ensure that in end you have a clear understanding of all the information pertaining to your needs, budget and the time frame you need to abide by. Hiring an external help that offers specialized office relocation services in an efficient manner is much easier. Get yourself acquaint with how they will find your desired location, deal with office interiors, price and services offered, insurance etc. To figure out the one who’ll be doing your office relocation to Dallas, conduct a prior online research, look for testimonials or case studies, inquire about their price or request the moving company to provide a moving quotation.
  2. Checklist Preparation: Make a pointwise checklist of various tasks that needed to be included in your pre office relocation and post office relocation. Sort all the office items and classify them whether these need to be discarded, stored or moved to new office location. It will save a lot of your time and last-minute hustle. Preparing a checklist will help you keep organized and will enable you to take decisions based on assessed parameters.
  3. Share Your Moving Cum Office Relocation Plan: Last but not the least, don’t forget to share your office relocation plan with your stake holders, employees etc. It is advisable to go for an open communication beforehand so to become aware of problems faced by aby employee or stakeholder. Moreover, positive aspect of this communication will be the ideas and suggestions that might be of great help for you in due course.
  4. Scrutinize your New Workplace: It is advisable to either be ready with the blueprint or floor layout of the proposed workplace or have photographs of the place. This will help you to get a clear vision about the office layout that you wish to proceed with. Moreover, you can easily identify various key components such as electrical outlets, storage space etc.
  5. Get Your Moving Estimates Beforehand: As a professional commercial moving company in Dallas, we recommend getting your moving estimates at least two months in advance. Most of the companies often look for movers who are professional and possess expertise in commercial moving service to ensure that your moving is done in an efficient manner. Office relocation means moving a lot of logistics that need to be handled carefully without any damage.

Your office is the window to your business through which any outsider can peep and learn about your brand, ethics, work practice and a lot more. Office relocation offers you the chance to update your look of office along with your brand. You can easily upgrade your business aesthetics in line with the image of your brand that you wish to portray to the outsiders. Your selection of location, workplace building, office interiors, etc. are some vital parameters through which outsiders can get an insight of your business through which you can get attract the right audiences. Post moving there are a plethora of activities that need to be done such as updating your address and the communicating the same to clients, getting internet and other utility connections etc. This is a first part of office relocation series.

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