As the Halloween season approaches, our expert team of moving consultants and crews looked back on a few of the frightening relocation nightmares some of our clients had to deal with when moving. Many of our customers come to us after previous DIY moving disasters. Fortunately, they can depend on our professional moving crews to provide a stress-free moving experience that fight off the nightmares and bring good dreams.

However, if you aren’t planning on a full-service move for your next relocation, knowing common moving nightmares and how to avoid them should be top priority. Learn from other people’s previous mistakes so that the following nightmares don’t end up coming true.

Unlabeled Boxes

Forgetting to properly label your moving boxes during the packing process will lead to a pretty nightmarish unpacking process. Arriving at your new home with unmarked boxes is one of the worst things that can happen because you won’t have a way to know which items are in which box. This will make unpacking that much harder because you’ll have to open up each box and then tape them up again before putting the boxes in their designated rooms.

Avoid this time-consuming hassle by labeling boxes with an inventory of the things packed inside of them and the room they are destined for before you close the boxes shut for shipping. By organizing and labeling your moving boxes, you can also avoid a mountain of boxes in your new home if the boxes are set in their designated room. Voila! No moving nightmares involving boxes.

Scratched Floors

Picking up heavy furniture, using wheeled dollies, and movers going in and out of your home during the move out process can all cause some wear and tear on your floors – whether they’d be carpet, tile, or hardwood. Dirt and grime can be dragged inside by movers, and heavy furniture can lead to a few scratches and dings.


Avoid this moving nightmare and protect your floors as much as possible with rugs at the entrance of your house and floor protection film or paper covering high traffic areas. The best professional movers will always be careful on your floors, but having some extra protection never hurts.

Unpacked Boxes

Movers showing up to your home on move-out day, only to find you’re not fully packed. This is a surprisingly common relocation nightmare, and one most people would like to avoid at all costs. The biggest mistake many people make when it comes to packing up their households is underestimating how much time it will take.


Avoid running out of time by setting your moving day as late as it can be and embrace the idea of decluttering before moving. You don’t have to pack everything, preparing for a move is the perfect time to sort out some of the stuff you no longer use or need. Giving yourself enough time and having fewer items to pack both help make the packing process faster.


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