Are you considering Frisco as the new landing place for yourself or your family? We want to bring some real-life insights for you as you plan to transition into our vibrant Texan city!

  • Employment Opportunities: Frisco is more than a pretty face—it’s a robust job hub too. Our city is peppered with numerous Fortune 500 companies, offering a variety of exciting career opportunities. From healthcare to tech and finance, the job market here is as diverse as it is thriving, boasting an unemployment rate lower than the national average.
  • Educational Excellence: If you’re bringing along the kiddos, you can breathe easy. Frisco’s schools consistently receive high marks thanks to their stellar performance, graduation rates, and preparation for higher education. Beyond public schools, we also have a generous selection of private and charter institutions, ensuring every child has the best fit for their learning journey.
  • Outdoor Adventures: When it’s time to clock out and enjoy the weekend, Frisco’s got you covered. With over 40 parks and nature trails, there’s no shortage of outdoor escapades. Whether it’s a weekend hike, a leisurely picnic, or a thrilling bike ride, you’re all set for some Texas-sized fun under our big open skies.
  • Community Spirit and Safety: Frisco isn’t just a place—it’s a community. Our city is brimming with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where neighbors know and care for each other. Our low crime rate creates a safe and secure atmosphere for Frisco residents.
  • A Few Frisco Quirks: As with every city, Frisco has a few quirks that need getting used to. Rush hour traffic can be challenging, our dependable public transportation system keeps things moving. And while our summers can be toasty (we’re talking high 90s and low triple digits during the height of the summer), most locals agree it’s a small trade-off for the wealth of benefits Frisco offers.

So, what are you waiting for?! Join the Frisco lifestyle and see what our community is all about. Frisco’s lively job market, esteemed educational institutions, endless outdoor excursions, and tight-knit community atmosphere all combine to create an environment waiting for you to settle in and call home. See you soon, neighbor!

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