Planning a 3-bedroom move? Whether you’re hopping across Dallas or gearing up for a cross-country trek, the cost of moving a 3-bedroom house depends greatly on the distance you need to go. We’re here to break it down for you, making your 3-bedroom move easy to understand (or, at least, as easy as moving can be). Let’s dive into what you need to know!

The Long Haul: Costs of a 3-Bedroom Move Far and Wide

Does your new adventure take you across state lines? Long-distance moving costs can vary wildly between $2,000 and a whopping $10,000. So, what’s the cause for this huge difference? Well, it depends on how far you’re going, how much stuff you’re bringing, and how much help you want. Full-service movers do all the heavy lifting (literally) but at a premium, while options like portable containers give you more control (and more of the work, too)​​​​​​. Long distance moves more frequently require storage of your belongings for some period of time, which will also contribute to the overall cost.

Keeping It Local: Short Moves, Shorter Bills

If you’re not venturing far from the DFW Metroplex, local moves are naturally less pricey. Hourly rates, how much you’re moving, and whether or not you will require storage for a period of time, still play a big part in your final cost, however. Request a detailed quote to avoid any surprises and know exactly what to expect.

Timing is Everything: When you move matters. Skip the summer rush and aim for the chill vibes of November to December for better rates. Moving on a weekday could save you some money, too​​. Check out our in depth article about the best moving times, days, and seasons here.

Don’t Forget the Extras: Moving isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. Packing supplies, fuel for those rental trucks, and insuring your belongings for the journey are all part of the equation. Every little bit adds up, so keep those extras in mind​​.

Penny-Pinching Moves: Save Without Skimping

Whether you’re going from Dallas to Plano or hitting the road long-distance, here are a few dollar-saving secrets to keep in mind:

  • Declutter: Less is more, especially when moving. Ditch what you don’t need to lighten the load and reduce your quote.
  • Shop Around: Don’t settle on the first quote you get. Comparing options can lead to surprising savings.
  • DIY What You Can: Packing yourself? It can shave off some costs. Consider hybrid moving solutions for the best of both worlds​​​​.

Whether you’re moving across the country or just to the other side of town in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, getting a grip on the costs involved doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little planning, understanding the different factors, and the right moving partner, you’ll be settling into your new home before you know it. Ready to make your move with AB Moving & Storage? Reliability, efficiency, and a smooth, stress-free experience are what we live for. Let’s make it a journey to remember! Call us for a free quote today!