Long distance moving involves details, pre-planning and, of course, cost. Taking care of the first two can keep the cost in line and affordable. Here are some top tips to budget your long-distance moving plans.

  1. Set Your Moving Budget Limits: Set a clear budget limit for your moving plans. This will prevent you from overspending. If you are not fully sure about how much you should spend on relocation, ask people who recently has a moving experience. You can search the internet too to get an idea of budget. For example, according to Capital One, the average cost for and in-state move is about $1200, and a 1000 mile long distance move for a 3-bedroom house is around $6300. The same moving distance for a 1-bedroom apartment averages about $1200. These costs vary, depending on the distance and details. You’ll save more moving yourself, with the help of friends and family, but understand the risks of heavy lifting and possible unforeseen costs using inexperienced helpers. Before finalizing your budget, check for free moving quotes from local professionals. This will give you a better idea of costs for your long- distance moving plans.
  2. Start Planning Early: Starting a month or more ahead of move time can result in significant savings. More lead time means better planning and lower cost. And, you’ll save the stress and last minute decisions that can be expensive. If things aren’t going as planned, you have sufficient time to adjust your move because you started early.  If everything is done at last minute, you might not be able to save, and you may have to compromise on quality. Last but not the least, you will have the option to get better deals from moving companies if you allow them enough time to organize your move. A trusted, experience long-distance mover can help you with your pre-move details to streamline your moving process.Here are a few details you can cover early:
    • Take inventory, list all items to move and tasks to complete, with target completion dates.
    • Cancel or relocate subscriptions to move
    • Change or transfer prescriptions and subscriptions
    • Contact schools to prepare for relocation
    • Notify your bank and credit card companies about your change of address
    • Temporary storage
    • Utility disconnect/connections
    • Packing for moving and for faster unpacking at your destination
    • Room planning at your destination to speed up unloading and unpacking
    • Managing valuables for security and transfer
    • Purchase additional moving insurance, if necessary
    • Arrange for pets and necessary veterinarian services
    • Review installed appliances or other items you’ll want to keep
    • Arrange move-in/move-out cleaning
  3. Prioritize Your Move: Hiring a professional moving company will ease your move and you will get professional assistance for each segment of your move. You may find it worth the extra cost when compared with all the details and work involved to move yourself. If possible, you can save on packing services, you can pack your belongings yourself. For a long distance move between states, you should hire an interstate service that is currently licensed for interstate moving. Or just mix and match your moving services for the best match based on your budget and requirements.
  4. Downsizing: We know how difficult it is to say goodbye to your old stuff. Relocation is the best time to downsize your moving inventory list. By parting ways with the things you no long need, use or want, you can save a considerable amount. Look for items that you can donate, sell, dispose of.
  5. Look for Reusable Boxes & Packing Material: Packing your things safely is important when you are relocating. Packing your belongings in a second hand or brand-new boxes is intirely your choice. Packing material should be strong and sturdy enough to protect it from potential damage. Packing of your stuff in reusable boxes is a good way to save.
  6. Negotiation: If your estimated budget seems a little above your budget, try negotiating the deal. Politely help your mover understand when you are surpassing your estimated moving budget limit. Check and explore the other options available with the mover. Ask for promotions or any other introductory discount offers.

Relocating to a new place entirely depends upon your unique plans and every city is different. With a little effort, relocation can be made affordable. AB Moving is a reliable and trusted full service moving company offering a wide array of moving services including local moving, intrastate long distance moving and interstate moving to the residents and business owners. Call us or Contact Us for the opportunity to help you with your long-distance move.