Moving to a new place is a tedious job, With so much of moving & packing all around for heavy boxes, large appliances etc and with kids at your home it becomes necessary to keep a track of the safety that no one gets hurt. While taking a note of the things that you will put in the back of the moving truck, you should classify the stuff on the basis of hazards associated with them in a moving truck. Some items can prove to be risky in certain conditions. Here is a list of some of the items that require special attention and care. For instance cargo containers can get heated easily during hot & scorching summer season. This can lead to a dangerous reaction between chemicals and other products. Keeping in mind the safety of stuff and the persons on board, it become crucial to keep a tap of stuff that need to be loaded in a moving truck. Always ensure that no rules are comproised to make room for following stuff on board in a moving truck.

  • Car batteries: Have you ever dealt with a leaky car battery? If no, then you must be very fortunate as the fluid that emerges out of a leaked car battery can disintegrate the fabrics and corrode the things that may come in contact with it. We are sure you won’t want to place such an item next to your children’ clothes.
  • Flammable Items: Items with low ignition temperature can blow up easily with a slight increase in temperature. So it is advisable to keep such stuff away from your regular packed goods.
  • Cleansing Material: Bleach and other commonly use household cleansing materials should never be placed in a moving truck as you never know when a normal or harmless seeming thing can prove to be a big risk for the safety of stuff and persons on board.
  • Fertilizers/ Insecticide Sprays: As mentioned above, moving container can get heated up quickly, it should be kept in mind that fertilizers and other sprays are highly flammable in nature. These stuff too possess the risk equivalent to that of house cleansing materials.
  • Ammunition: Last but not the least on our list is any types of ammunitions. Have you ever wondered the consequences of carrying ammunitions such as bullets etc in a hot moving turck. It is advisable to carry such type of items in your own personal/remnted air conditioned vehicle with required safety. It is in your interest to follow the instructions mentioned in firearms safety guidelines during transportation of your ammunitions.

In short, if you can avoid carrying aforementioned stuff during your moving then opt for it as most of the items are replaceable. Safety comes first and a happy and satisfactory begins with a safe start.