In the beginning weeks of June, the heat index of the Dallas-Fort Worth area could exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, reaching up to 105 degrees. Actual temperatures in North Texas are expected to reach the mid- to the upper 90-degree range, but combined with humidity levels it may feel 10 degrees hotter.

If Dallas’ heat index does reach 105 degrees, the National Weather Service might issue heat watches and warnings. Whether that happens or not, our local movers in Dallas recommend that residents plan out their outdoor activities accordingly. Avoid going outdoors during the high noon hours and try not to engage in physically tiring activities while the sun is out.

“Pace yourself and plan accordingly. You don’t want to overdo it.” – Grant Johnston, KXAS-TV (NBC5)1

Summer Temperatures in Dallas, TX – Hot With A Few Cool Weather Days

So, while the start of June is expected to be hot, hot, hot, will that be the case for the rest of the summer? Will Dallas summer weather in the coming months be characterized by high temperatures and extreme humidity? The answer is that, yes, it will be a hot summer, but it won’t be a brutal one like the record-breaking heat wave Dallas-Fort Worth residents experienced in 2011.2 Don’t expect over 100-degree temperatures for over twenty-day stretches; that won’t likely happen this summer. The 2011 heat wave and the even worse heat wave that hit Dallas-Fort Worth in 1980 were unique cases:

“With high pressure prominent at all levels of the atmosphere over North Texas, […] a sky devoid of clouds — thereby allowing a maximum influx of solar radiation — teamed up with an arid desert-like southwesterly wind to force the temperature at mid-afternoon to a level never before seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Once it settles into position, the subtropical ridge often budges only a little for periods lasting as long as several weeks at a time.” ­– George W. Bomar, Texas Water Commission Meteorologist 3

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, you can expect a typical hot summer with periods of moderate weather sprinkled in between. The less intense temperatures are mainly due to a weak El Niño which is forecasted to last through the rest of summer in North Texas. The cooler temperatures and heavier than average precipitation that comes with this weather phenomenon will contribute to this year’s more moderate Dallas summer weather.

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