Is moving in your cards? Moving can be stressful, and that is compounded when you have elderly parents moving with you. The first step is discussing the upcoming transition with your parents and family. Whether they’ll be moving into a retirement community, downsizing, or moving with you as a unit, some simple steps will make the transition easier with elderly parents.

  1. Take Charge and Lead: When your parents can no longer manage everything in the house, it can be challenging for them. They might feel like they don’t know what’s happening or how things need to be done around the home. Help keep them calm by stepping to the forefront and leading them through the move. Mentally prepare yourself to embrace this role and understand that resistance may come your way. Your parents may get stressed but staying calm and focused will go a long way to easing everyone through the transition.
  2. Transition Time Matters: The last thing you want is for your elderly parents to enter this new stage feeling overwhelmed. Avoid panic and stress by taking small steps slowly over several weeks rather than rushing and doing things all at once. Begin cleaning and decluttering the house first without disrupting daily routines. Focus on one room or area at a time and slowly make your way through the home. This will help ease them into the idea of moving and give them time to adjust.
  3. Acclimatization Is Essential:  Bring your parents along when you go see the new home before the move. This will help them get acquainted with the new places and explore nearby amenities and attractions.
  4. Hire Professional Movers: De-stress your move by hiring experienced professional movers who’ll take care of all the logistics, organization, and heavy lifting. Professionals can ensure all the jobs are done efficiently, safely, and orderly.
  5. Safety: Safety shouldn’t be compromised. With seniors at home, it is a prime concern. Let professional movers handle the big stuff and ask friends or family to entertain your parents on moving day to help ease their minds and stress levels. You’ll be mentally free to supervise the movers, so the move is coordinated and well-executed.
  6. Pack and Store with Care: Your elderly parents may have many sentimental items that hold an emotional attachment. Decide how to pack and store these important things to prevent damage to irreplaceable memories.
  7. Consider Downsizing: If you are moving to a smaller house, downsizing is essential. Take inventory of your possessions and measure the furniture to decide what will fit in the new space. Let your parents take part in this activity. They will value having input on the items to be moved and what can be discarded.
  8. Timely Preparation: Start planning early to avoid stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil for your senior parents. Be patient and follow the tips above to prepare and enjoy a successful move!

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