Office Relocation Tips to Expedite Your Office Move

Business growth shares a direct relationship with success. Growth involves overall improvement in terms of profits, market size, office space etc. The dynamics involved in modern business have forced business houses to move out of their comfort zones and relocate to bigger space for their offices. The reason for this relocation might be many, but cost factor outweighs other factors be it profit, low labor availability, exploration of new markets etc. When it comes to relocation of your office, timing is of the essence. Office relocation is a very trying experience usually including a number of roadblocks and requires a lot of pre planning. To make this process an efficient and cost effective one, here are some tips that prove useful to you.

Team Work: Let your team be a part of your relocation move. Helping out with the office move can turn into a good team building activity. Assign the responsibility of move coordinator to one of your most trusted employees. It will not only ensure the relocation is more effective and organized but also promote the feeling of team spirit and sense of belonging among the employees. You can divide the whole task into different categories such as: list of inventories to be moved, packing, arrangement and labeling of boxes and so on.

Upgrade & Revamp Your Office: In this era of fast development, most office equipment gets outdated very quickly and needs an upgrade. Based on the usage and performance of devices, decide which things you wish to eliminate and which to upgrade. Upgrading older items will involve less effort and prove cost effective in the long run. Moreover, a revamp to the overall décor of the office will promote a sense of newness among the employees.

Do Your Homework: Time is precious so efficiency matters greatly. Homework includes pre planning, making a list of basic tasks to be completed, assigning role and responsibilities to each staff member with deadlines. Ensure that you closely monitor and manage the entire relocation process. Spend time doing some research on estimated costs and seek quotes from local movers & packers.

Plan Your Move: Once all basics tasks are accomplished, start developing a detailed moving plan. It will help you to analyze the estimated time required for entire relocation process. Moreover, you will need to plan the arrangements for your previous and new renting contracts. It is well advisable to plan your move long before expiration of your lease contract to have plenty of time to work out all the particulars.

Hire Professionals: if you really wish to save more time, consider hiring moving professionals. Professional office movers are not only well versed in their jobs but bring an efficiency with them which can eventually prove cost effective. In short, there will be less chance of making some ill-advised yet critical mistakes. Choose a professional company with a good online reputation based on customer reviews.

Beware of Legal Formalities: Relocating to a new place often involves a lot of legal paperwork. It is advisable to read all the documents carefully and keep them in a safe place. You many need them in case anything wrong goes during relocation. Personally signing the documents implies that you are well informed of the term & conditions of the contract.

Meticulous planning and efficient management are the keys to a successful relocation of your office. Getting professional help in this regard becomes crucial in case you are short on resources and time. With professionalism comes their expertise and in-depth view of everything that is needed for business relocation. If you are looking for professional moving services in the areas of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, look no further than AB Moving, a reputable family-owned moving company successfully moving businesses for over 20 years. We ensure you the best moving services at cost effective prices. Call us or contact us today.

5 Things to Look Out For Before Hiring a Mover in Houston

Doing preparation for shifting to a new location is a tiresome job. If you are working personnel, be prepared to sacrifice your endless evenings in a bunch of time consuming activities wiz organizing, wrapping, packing & labeling etc. Beside this, the most terrifying part is risk of damaging your cherished items in transit. A full time professional moving service provider is the solution to all your moving worries. Here is a list of top five things that one should look out before hiring a mover in Houston area.

  • Reputation: It is a crucial factor that will enable you to save time as well as money. No doubt reputed mover service will cost you some extra bucks but with that comes the loyalty factor that has been earned through years of service. Past track record speaks a lot about their performance, expertise and efficiency to handle things in a timely fashion. Local accolades/recommendations or customer reviews also come handy at this juncture. Online ratings and feedbacks can also be checked for better decisions.
  • License: For an interstate and local moving service, every mover has to get a unique US DOT number issued by the US department of transportation. You can get it authenticated from the online database.
  • Insurance: Before pinning down the final nail it is advisable to confirm whether the company is insured or not. Unlicensed and insured moving service can bring a bunch of troubles. Make sure that that your belongings are also insured under some good plan so that in case of any mishap/mishandling you can easily get the claim amount.
  • Pricing: Make a detailed enquiry about pricing structure offered by the moving service provider. Make sure whether price quote and estimations are done over phone or not? It is always advisable to go for a written estimate. Ask for any special discounts/offers and any other hidden charges. If you are opting for consolidation option i.e. combined shipping of your belongings with other peoples’ stuff, make a detailed study of rates offered by the company and select the one that suits you best.
  • Efficiency: Expertise and efficiency are correlated to each other. Make an active enquiry about the crew members, their experience and other related factors like number of crew members, time taken by them to complete the job, overtime price structure, their responsibility in protection of your belongings against any damage, their area of expertise etc.

Eventually, all depends on your decision making. So stay calm and trust your instincts. Keep in mind aforementioned factors before hiring any mover as overall safety and protection of your precious stuff is much above than saving a few bucks. Are you planning to relocate and seeking for a trusted mover? AB Moving is reputed mover offering great mover services at best prices in areas of the DFW, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Areas.

Top 5 Mistakes that People Make When Choosing a Local Mover in Houston

Moving to a different location with all your stuff is a daunting task. Here is a list of top five mistakes that people often make while choosing a local mover and packer in Houston area

Unscheduled Moving: When your schedule to move in advance is not planned things become nasty. Don’t insist on waiting for someone that can offer you better rate in order to save few bucks. Unscheduled moving leaves you with the option to hire an inexperienced mover. Without adequate manpower, experience and correct transportation how you can expect one to perform ones job in an orderly manner. It is always advisable to have a planned moving schedule i.e. contacting a moving company in advance.

Cheapest vs. Expensive: When it comes to selection between cheapest and expensive one, most of us would tend to opt for cheapest. But is it advisable? Well, it’s not true at all. Make a through market research in order to find some reliable name that can offer you state of art moving services at an effective quote. Lowest price tag may not guarantee best service. By making some timely efforts you won’t need to make any compromise with the service quality.

Ending up packing too much stuff: Stay away from the clutter of unusable belongings that you no longer need now. How about making a fresh start when you arrive to a new location? It will not only make your new dwelling more organized but also will provide a fresh feel.

Not Being Aware of T&C: Most of the people often take things for granted and eventually end up things verbally. Always insist on getting a written estimate from your mover otherwise you might let a door open to new problems. Getting everything in written bounds both parties to stay within the terms of legal contract. Make sure that you have fully read and understood all the terms & conditions of the contract. This will help you down in separating those items that are not a part of inventory and will invite additional charges. Once you get your stuff in order at new location you’ll be bound to pay the mover via cash or through other permissible means.

Undermining the Cost Factor: Every service comes with a price tag and might include some hidden charges as well. Most of the movers charge an advance security deposit when you are moving to an adjacent town or across the state. If some additional coverage is offered by the mover for a certain fee, it is advisable to go for it otherwise you may to replace your expensive items damaged in transit. Be sure of aforementioned factors while making a final selection.

Are you in need of a professional and experienced moving service? AB Moving is a professional movers that offers best of class services at best price across the areas of the DFW, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Areas, too.