Austin is an exciting place to live. The festivals, exquisite food, and rich cultural heritage are a major draw and explain why so many people call Austin home. Such diversity of interests and lifestyles in the heart of Texas easily translates into the belongings we own as well. When it’s time for specialty moving to a new home, it can be challenging to coordinate the logistics, especially when transporting your interesting finds and valuables.

Moving oddly shaped, oversized, heavy, or delicate items requires significant time, energy, and consideration. If you are confident in your ability to disassemble and reassemble these items, you may opt for a DIY approach; otherwise, hiring a professional moving company may better allocate your time, money, and energy. Specialty moving services are something only some moving companies offer, so make sure you research your options and choose a reputable company that can help you get your prized possessions safely to your new Austin home.

What Qualifies as a Specialty Item?

Most homes contain things that qualify as specialty items. Appliances have large dimensions and require space considerations. Vintage furniture and art collections can have high monetary value and require careful handling. Large pianos are upwards of 300 pounds and require specialty equipment to disassemble and reassemble them correctly in your new home. Pool tables have many parts, are excessively heavy, and must be leveled when reassembled. Family heirlooms are priceless, regardless of their intrinsic value, and irreplaceable. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of what you may have in your home that will need special care and handling. Professional specialty movers do this for a living and have the tools, manpower, know-how, and transportation accommodations to transport your belongings efficiently and safely.

Benefits of Specialty Moving

If you can do it yourself, why would you hire someone to do it for you? Time is money, years of knowledge and experience are invaluable, and energy always comes at a cost. Not to mention the cost of purchasing or renting tools and equipment you will only use once, van rentals, and bribing your family and friends to give up some of their free time to help you out.

  • Safety: Our bodies are not invincible, and accidents are often unanticipated. Safety is a significant concern when taking on the task of moving. Imagine the financial toll faced when you suffer an injury due to the move. Substantial physical injuries could put you out of work and include hospital bills on top of reduced income. If a friend or family member gets hurt while helping, you may be saddled with their medical expenses without the proper liability insurance coverage for these unfortunate circumstances.
  • Stress, Time, & Money: Moving is stressful, even before you begin planning and packing. Add the coordination of manpower, realizing you need more boxes, supplies, or tools mid-stride and needing to make an unexpected trip, dealing with unforeseen circumstances which inevitably lead to unanticipated expenses. The average American moves about five or six times in their life. Being as prepared and efficient as professional movers who execute moves daily is impossible for most people.
  • Packing Supplies: Many specialty moving companies offer complete packages that include packing supplies and boxes. After doing an inventory of your belongings and getting a quote, they will provide the boxes you need to make sure you are covered and don’t have to run out at the last minute to get more.

If you are among the many households requiring specialty moving services in or around the Austin area, AB Moving and Storage is here to help. Let our experienced, professional specialty movers lighten your load and get you settled into your new home with ease. Contact us for a free quote today and see the difference expert help can make!