How it Works: We’ll show you how to use any Phone or Tablet

Fast, Easy, and Convenient

  • Done on your schedule
  • Takes 30-40% less time than an in-person quote
  • Take pictures of the contents of your home right from your phone or tablet
  • It’s safe. No one comes into your home
  • Accurate, supported by recorded visual inventory

Five Simple Steps

  • Contact your AB Moving Agent
  • Download an app
    When you set up your survey. the most consultant will lead you through download the app.
  • Charge your phone
    For visual surveys. It’s easiest to have a phone or tablet you can video chat on. Make sure your device is charged before you start.
  • Walkthrough your Home or Office
    Once you have your time set up to do your walk-through – take your move consultant virtually through your location. Show them each room of items and explain what is moving with you
  • Look for your free quote in your email