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Doing preparation for shifting to a new location is a tiresome job. If you are working personnel, be prepared to sacrifice your endless evenings in a bunch of time consuming activities wiz organizing, wrapping, packing & labeling etc. Beside this, the most terrifying part is risk of damaging your cherished items in transit. A full time professional moving service provider is the solution to all your moving worries. Here is a list of top five things that one should look out before hiring a mover in Houston area.

  • Reputation: It is a crucial factor that will enable you to save time as well as money. No doubt reputed mover service will cost you some extra bucks but with that comes the loyalty factor that has been earned through years of service. Past track record speaks a lot about their performance, expertise and efficiency to handle things in a timely fashion. Local accolades/recommendations or customer reviews also come handy at this juncture. Online ratings and feedbacks can also be checked for better decisions.
  • License: For an interstate and local moving service, every mover has to get a unique US DOT number issued by the US department of transportation. You can get it authenticated from the online database.
  • Insurance: Before pinning down the final nail it is advisable to confirm whether the company is insured or not. Unlicensed and insured moving service can bring a bunch of troubles. Make sure that that your belongings are also insured under some good plan so that in case of any mishap/mishandling you can easily get the claim amount.
  • Pricing: Make a detailed enquiry about pricing structure offered by the moving service provider. Make sure whether price quote and estimations are done over phone or not? It is always advisable to go for a written estimate. Ask for any special discounts/offers and any other hidden charges. If you are opting for consolidation option i.e. combined shipping of your belongings with other peoples’ stuff, make a detailed study of rates offered by the company and select the one that suits you best.
  • Efficiency: Expertise and efficiency are correlated to each other. Make an active enquiry about the crew members, their experience and other related factors like number of crew members, time taken by them to complete the job, overtime price structure, their responsibility in protection of your belongings against any damage, their area of expertise etc.

Eventually, all depends on your decision making. So stay calm and trust your instincts. Keep in mind aforementioned factors before hiring any mover as overall safety and protection of your precious stuff is much above than saving a few bucks. Are you planning to relocate and seeking for a trusted mover? AB Moving is reputed mover in Houston offering great mover services at best prices in areas of the DFW, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Areas.

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Jen G.
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Susan S.
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Heidi S.
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