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Dos and Don’ts of Moving with Pets –Tips & Tricks

As any pet owner can attest, pets are a fundamental part of your family. So, when you move to a new home, chances are you’ll be moving with pets. And just like your human family members, the process of moving out of your old home and into a new home can be a stressful experience for your furry children. Our Dallas movers have compiled a list of important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while moving with cats and dogs.

DO Check Your State Laws & Regulations

The majority of states have their own rules and laws regulating the entry of animals and pets into their borders. A good tip when moving with pets – become familiar with the local laws in the state you are moving into well in advance of your moving day. You can contact a veterinarian, the city clerk, or town hall in your new state to learn about any rules, licenses, and fees involved in moving with pets.

DON’T Put Pets in Your Moving Truck

Regardless of whether you move with our Dallas residential movers, Austin movers, Houston movers, or one of our local moving crews in other cities all over Texas – know that we will not transport any of your pets in our moving trucks. High heat temperatures, heavy moving boxes, and other dangerous conditions found inside a moving truck while it’s in transit pose a great risk to the safety of your pets.

If you are using a moving truck rental, don’t put your pets inside. Instead, pets should accompany you in your personal vehicle. If you are moving with multiple pets, you may need more than one car – plan accordingly.

DO Prepare Your Pets Before Moving

Scheduling a visit to the veterinarian and updating your pets’ identification tags and records are important things to do before your move. A lot of states require a health certificate listing of all your pet’s immunizations to verify it doesn’t have any infectious diseases. Request this certificate from your vet and keep it with you when you travel.

To keep your pets safe, make sure they are properly collared and tagged (permanent ID, rabies tags, microchip, etc.) during the journey to your new home. Make a new tag, you can use a luggage tag, with your pet’s name, your name, destination address, and an additional emergency contact in case you can’t be reached and attach it your pet’s collar. Your pets’ ID information will have to be updated once you settle down in your new place.

Whether you are moving with pets or not, our Dallas-Fort Worth Moving Company has the relocation services to meet all your moving needs. Call us at 214-644-6683 to learn more about our relocation services or get your free moving quote today!

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The Unique Challenges of Apartment Moving

There are many reasons why you would be moving to a new apartment. Maybe you’re moving out of your parent’s home, maybe you’d rather live in a cosmopolitan downtown area, maybe you’re downsizing from a larger house, or maybe you just prefer apartment living. Regardless of why you’re moving into an apartment unit, know that your relocation will come with some apartment moving challenges.

Challenges unique to these types of moves are challenges our professional apartment movers are more than capable of handling.

Smaller Square Footage

One of the most pressing challenges of apartment moving is having to deal with the typically limited square footage. Tighter spaces and narrower doorways make it more difficult to move household items in or out, particularly bulkier things like furniture, without denting the walls or causing other property damage. Luckily, our Houston movers specialize in apartment moving and know how to navigate apartments while keeping your belongings in your new home safe and protected.

Less Room for Your Belongings

Another common apartment moving challenge that comes with moving into a smaller square space is that all of your furniture and possessions may not fit. Not having enough square footage to accommodate all of your belongings is one of the major problems with apartment living – or perhaps it’s a blessing? One of our biggest tips for apartment moving is to measure doorways and rooms to figure out which of your items will fit and which will not before moving in. If you have some things that don’t fit but you don’t want to get rid of, take advantage of the short-term and long-term solutions we offer at our Houston storage facilities.

Multiple Story Buildings

While some apartments are on the ground level, a common apartment problem is the fact that many units are located on the upper levels of apartment complexes and condominiums. Your residential movers will either have to carry your things up the stairs or use an elevator. Our physically fit moving crews at AB Moving & Storage are familiar with the safest and most effective heavy lifting techniques. If your apartment building has a service elevator, our Texas moving professionals will make sure to reserve it for your moving day.

Certificate of Insurance

Some landlords and property managers will require a Certificate of Insurance before allowing your moving crew to start moving things in or out of their property. This document will prove that your movers are insured for that specific property. When you move with AB Moving & Storage, we’ll make sure to get that certificate and any other necessary documentation prior to moving day.

Let AB Moving & Storage take care of the apartment moving challenges by contacting us or calling 214-644-6683 today!

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Things to Do Before Moving to Plano, TX

Preparing for a move is always an incredibly important step in the moving process. A relocation, whether a residential or commercial one, is always a complex undertaking that requires preparation for it to be successful and stress-free. Even with the professional help of movers in Plano, TX, some research beforehand will go a long way in not only making your move itself a success, but also your relocation a satisfactory decision. So, if you plan on moving to Plano, TX with our local Plano movers, are some helpful things to know before moving day.

3 Reasons to Move to Plano, Texas

An important thing to consider before relocating is whether the place is right for you. While Plano has become an increasingly popular place to move to throughout the years, you should always take into account your lifestyle, needs, and goals before finalizing your move here. Check out these popular reasons to move to Plano, Texas and see if they are fit for you.

  1. A Strong Job Market. For those looking to move to a city with plenty of employment opportunities, Plano is a strong contender. Plano was singled outby WalletHub [1] and Forbes [2]as one of the best cities in America to get a job. The city is home to several corporate well-known headquarters for national and multinational companies.
  2. Low Crime Rates. With a well-trained police force and friendly tight-knit neighborhoods, it’s easy to see why Plano has such low crime rates. According to WalletHub [3], Niche [4], and Forbes [5], Plano is one of the safest cities in the country. A great place to raise a family!
  3. An Exciting Cultural Scene. A diverse yet close-knit population allows Plano to have a true melting pot culture with an unmistakable Texan flare. The city’s culinary scene is characterized by authentic Texas cooking, farm-to-table dining, and multi-cultural options. Over 700 restaurants feed residents and visitors. A convenient light rail station, a fun mixture of shops and eateries, and a strong business community make for a thriving downtown Plano, ranked as one of the top in the country[6].

Thinking of Moving to Plano, TX? Move with Us!

Are these reasons enticing for you? Are you still thinking of moving to Plano, TX? Perhaps you’ve actually decided to relocate to this special city. If that’s the case, our local movers in Plano, TX are here to help. At AB Moving & Storage, our Plano movers have the experience and services to pull off any type of move you may need. Call us at 214-740-4824 to learn more about out relocation services or get your free moving quote today!


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Moving to Dallas-Fort Worth, TX with AB Moving & Storage

moving service

At AB Moving & Storage, we are proud to serve the residents and businesses of North Texas. Our Texas moving professionals provide top-quality relocation services to cities throughout the state including the cities that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. If you’re planning a move to Dallas, Fort Worth, or any of the places in between – call our professionals movers in Dallas and Fort Worth. We are more than ready to take on your move and give you a stress-free moving experience.

Local Moving Expertise in TX

After more than 20 years providing relocation services in this major North Texas metropolitan area, our movers in Dallas and Fort Worth full-service movers are incredibly familiar with area, its regulations and communities. If you want your move to Dallas-Fort Worth to go as seamlessly as possible, take advantage of the experience and expertise our moving companies in Dallas and Fort Worth bring to the table. Our Dallas and Fort Worth full-service movers know how to navigate the local roads, how to address the unique challenges that comes with completing a move within a city, and how to supply our customers with the best packing supplies in the area.

Apartment Relocation Services

While our residential movers in Fort Worth and Dallas are experts at helping our customers move in and out of houses, apartment moving is another specialty of ours. A specialty which serves our customers well since most city dwellers live in apartments rather than full-size single-family homes.

Our Dallas and Fort Worth full-service movers are familiar with all the unique steps necessary to successfully pull of an apartment move. They know when to reserve parking spaces, reserve elevator time, move furniture up flights of stairs, or haul up bulky items through windows. All these unique challenges are easily taken care of when you work with our local moving companies in Fort Worth or Dallas.

Are you moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex anytime soon? Contact our Texas moving professionals today to learn more about our relocation services and how our professional movers can apply them to complete your move. Use our free moving quote calculator or call us at 214-520-3059 for free no obligation quote today.

Packing Tips: How to Pack Winter Coats for Moving

Typically, packing clothes is a less-arduous step of the moving process. Lightweight and usually small in size, clothing articles are easily packed away into boxes and carried into moving trucks. However, winter clothes and coats can present somewhat of a challenge because they are bulkier and sometimes heavier.

Since our local movers in Plano, TX have completed hundreds of full-service moves throughout Texas, we are familiar with the best way to pack any type of household good, including winter clothes. Learn how to pack winter coats for moving by checking out our special packing tips.
Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are specialty moving boxes that allow you to transport your winter clothes exactly as they were in your closet. No need for folding, your Plano movers can just take your hanging sweaters and coats out of your closet and hang them onto the metal rack found inside a wardrobe box. A convenient choice – just order this specialty packing supplies from our Dallas-Fort Worth moving company.

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

Another method of packing winter clothes is to reduce their bulk by placing them into vacuum seal storage bags. A lot of the bulkiness of winter clothes is just empty air. Vacuum that air out and see puffy jackets and parkas shrink into flat squares. You’ll be able to fit more clothes into one box when you can stack these flat vacuum sealed storage bags one on top of the other.

Combine the Two

If don’t want to fold your winter clothes prior to moving while also getting rid of their excessive bulk, you can combine the two previous packing tips. Order wardrobe boxes from our Dallas-Fort Worth moving company and purchase hanging vacuum seal storage bags. Keep your winter clothes on their hangers, place them into hanging vacuum seal storage bags, and flatten them out by vacuuming our any excess air. Fit more winter coats and clothes into one box without having to fold a thing.

At AB Moving & Storage, our local movers in Plano, TX have helped numerous families move from start to finish, from packing up their old household to unpacking at their new home. Our Plano movers provide first-rate packing services utilizing high quality moving boxes and supplies to ensure our customers’ belongings remain protected throughout the moving process.

Things to Do in Austin in the Winter

Winters in Austin are typically mild with moderate levels of snowfall and temperatures dropping below freezing only a few days throughout the year. Still, when the temperature does drop, and snow starts to fall, Austin truly becomes a winter wonderland in the heart of Texas. A lovely time you don’t want to miss, especially since there is so much stuff to do in Austin in the winter.

At AB Moving, our local Austin movers are well-equipped to pull off relocations during the cold conditions. Our moving company in Austin has helped numerous families move to new (and hopefully warm!) homes during the winter months, including during the holidays.

However, more than that, our Austin full-service movers know a thing or two about the community they serve. Here is a list we have compiled of the fun things to do in Austin in the winter. Whether you are interested in exciting Austin outdoor winter activities or you want to stay warm while having your fun, our Austin movers have got you covered.

Austin Outdoor Winter Activities

See the Lights! What Austin lacks in snow, it makes up for in lights. Starting from late November or even earlier, multi colored Christmas lights in all shapes and sizes are strung up throughout the city. There are several light installations in Austin that can get you into the holiday spirit. Trail of Lights is a 53-year-old production that’s fun for the whole family. Walk through colorful outdoor displays while eating warm food from local food trucks parked nearby. Mozart’s Light Show is held at Mozart’s Coffee, so you can sip on a hot cup of cocoa or coffee while enjoying an immersive light show featuring more than a million of LED lights, music, and a live choir.

Go Ice Skating. Austin may not have cold enough weather for ice skating on natural ice, but there are still a few places you can enjoy outdoor ice skating in the city. Go to downtown Austin and then to the rooftop plaza of Whole Foods Market Lamar to partake in Ice Skating on the Plaza with the whole family. Winter Wonderland at the Circuit features light installations, camel rides, live music, a carousel, a petting zoo, and plenty of other attractions. However, the star player is the outdoor ice-skating rink, the largest in the Texas!

Things to Do in Austin When It’s Cold

  • Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. If you would rather stay cozy indoors, don’t worry because there are plenty of things to do in Austin in the winter where you can stay comfortable and cozy. Visit the Armadilla Chrsitmas Bazaar, an indoor 11-day art and music festival from December 12 to the 24th. Enjoy live music from award-winning musicians, food, two full bars, and over a hundred booths where touring visual artists and local businesses sell their best works. A great place for gift shopping!
  • Miracle Christmas Bar. Nothing warms you up like a sipping on some alcohol spirits. And nothing gives you a drinking experience that gets you in the best holiday spirit better than the Miracle Christmas Bar. An intimate Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar where you can enjoy holiday-inspired cocktails while enveloped in kitschy Christmas decorations, ornaments, and lights from floor to ceiling!

Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dallas – Fireworks & Fun!

New Year’s Eve is one of the few times in the year where it seems like the whole country is united in celebration. Whether you want to cheer on as the Times Square Ball drops or experience some Dallas New Year’s Eve fireworks, there are plenty of places in Dallas, TX to ring in the new year with a friendly crowd.

AB Moving, our Dallas-Fort Worth moving company, has served the communities of Dallas for over 20 years. We are a top-rated moving & storage company in Dallas made up of local moving crews. Just like you, our local Dallas movers will be found celebrating throughout the city once the clock starts ticking to midnight. We want you to have just as much fun as us, so check out these top three places to spend New Year’s Eve in Dallas, TX.

  1. New Year’s Eve 2019 Champagne Life: Royalty at the Castle: Named one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world by Bravo TV [1], there’s nothing like celebrating the new year in a famous Dallas landmark! The 8th annual celebration, which begins at 8 p.m., is held at the historic Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture, a striking red sandstone castle-like building in downtown Dallas. Enjoy live hip hop music, cocktails, multiple VIP rooms, and a free champagne toast at midnight.
  2. Happiest Hour’s New Year’s Eve Megaparty: Hosted at Happiest Hour, the largest patio bar and lounge in Dallas. The 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space features four full-service bars and a rooftop deck with excellent views of the city. It’s a perfect spot to host a New Year’s Eve Megaparty! Featuring multi-bar access, balloon drops, some of Dallas’s best DJs, and a constant flow of champagne, this bash is a great way to cap off the year.
  3. Streaming Lights at Reunion Tower: Everything is bigger in Texas! And that includes our firework shows. To experience the best Dallas New Year’s Eve fireworks, head toward one of the city’s most recognized landmarks – Reunion Tower. Reunion Lawn will be closed for safety, so you can go to Trinity Groves, Trinity Overlook Park, and numerous viewing parties spread throughout downtown Dallas for the best vantage points. The 8-minute show will feature over 4,000 fireworks shooting off Reunion tower. A wonderful way to end 2018 with a bang!

[1] Tamara Palmer, Bravo TV – 8 Epic New Year’s Eve Bashes Around the World to Banish FOMO

Tips for Moving During the Winter & The Holiday Season

While winters in Texas are typically not harsh ones, you’ll still have to deal with cold temperatures and snowfall when moving during the winter months. Our San Antonio movers are well-equipped to handle winter moves throughout the state of Texas. Whether it is working in cold weather conditions or moving in the snow, our San Antonio residential movers can complete your relocation safely and right on schedule.

With over two decades worth of experience serving Texas, our moving company in San Antonio knows a thing or two about how to best prepare for and execute a winter move. Check out our helpful tips got moving during the winter.

Shovel Snow to Your Doorway

Whether you are moving by yourself or have hired professional San Antonio movers, it is best to have a clear path from your home’s front door to the street where your moving truck will be parked. If there is snow on the ground, even if it is just a thin layer, it is best to shovel it away from the path leading to your door. After shoveling the snow, apply ice melt salt, also known as deicing salt, to the area to prevent future freezing.

Prepare Warm Drinks

Depending on the size of your household and how many belongings you need packed and transported, a move can take a few hours to complete. You’ll want the people helping you with your move (your friends, family, or professional San Antonio residential movers) to stay warm. Put aside some extra winter gloves, beanies, and scarves. And prepare paper coffee cups and warm drinks like hot chocolate or coffee. Filling up a thermos is a convenient choice.

Avoid Holiday Traffic

The last thing you want to happen during your move is for your moving truck, and therefore your belongings, to be stuck in traffic for hours on end. This is especially unwelcome in a long-distance move. Traffic congestion is a common problem in and around the major cities of Texas, and this traffic gets worse during the holidays. Our San Antonio long-distance movers know the best times to move with as little traffic as possible. To avoid Thanksgiving traffic, don’t schedule your move on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after [1]. The days between December 23 and January 1 have the worst traffic, it is best not to be on the road then.

[1] John Patrick Pullen, Time – This Is the Worst Time to Drive This Thanksgiving

Moving Tips: How to Survive a Thanksgiving Move

More than anything, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is about families coming together and breaking bread. Thanksgiving is also a holiday characterized by bad traffic as millions of American families hit the road to either go to their family homes or drive to their nearby malls for the great shopping that awaits them on Black Friday. The busy roads and other conditions of holiday traffic congestion are less than ideal for a move, especially a long-distance one.

While our professional Austin full-service movers have the expertise and experience to handle all types of moves regardless of the complexities and challenges that can arise, it is still best to have a game plan when moving during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. You not only want your move to go as efficiently as possible, but you also want to preserve that joyful holiday spirit in spite of the stresses that come with moving into a new home.

When you move with AB Moving & Storage, our moving company in Austin, you can move during Thanksgiving or other holidays. This is because our Austin movers will complete your move at anytime of the year, focusing on a time that’s most convenient for you. But to have the best possible move during Thanksgiving, follow the following top three helpful moving tips.

Pick a Moving Date That Avoids Bad Traffic

The worst possible days to be on the road are the Tuesday or Wednesday right before Thanksgiving because that is when the majority of families will be driving to their families [1]. Traffic congestion is at its worst during the Sunday after Thanksgiving as well, since that’s when most people choose to go back home [1]. When scheduling your move, avoid those dates. If you don’t have any prearranged plans, you can even schedule your move on Thanksgiving since most people will already be with their families.

Hire Professional Austin Full-Service Movers

Since most of your family members and friends will have plans and engagements during Thanksgiving, you may not have as many helping hands on moving day. Instead of doing everything by yourself, hire professional Austin movers to complete your move from start to finish. Our Austin full-service movers at AB Moving can pack up your entire household and safely transport everything in no time. Once you’ve arrived at your new place, you can finally think about celebrating Thanksgiving with your family.

Make Thanksgiving Dinner Reservations

After a move, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is making a Thanksgiving feast and inviting people over. Your household goods will likely not be completely unpacked, and you’ll probably be tired after your move. However, you can still stay in the spirit of the holiday and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family if you make dinner reservations beforehand.

Prior to your move, make reservations at a restaurant in your new neighborhood that serves Thanksgiving dinners. Take some time off the moving process and enjoy some professionally-prepared turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and other delicious dishes while giving thanks for a successful move!

[1] John Patrick Pullen, Time – This Is the Worst Time to Drive This Thanksgiving

Tips for Moving During Winter Season

Sometime things happen that require you to move within a certain time frame. If that happens in the winter season, there are some steps you can take to make your move more smooth. Winter season can present some uncertainties such as snow, harsh weather and a lot more that can make your move a more difficult challenge. Here are some winter time moving tips that can help:

Weather Check: Keep a tab on the latest weather reports especially those factors that may affect your move. In spite of the updates, weather can change suddenly and with little warning. In addition, it is also advisable to keep tabs on the traffic conditions and route to your new place as well. It will enable you to plan your route to avoid traffic issues and unnecessary additional moving time. Moreover avoiding busy streets due to poor weather or traffic conditions will definitely help you in making your move a successful one.

Winter Supplies: Keep your winter supplies handy, such as ice scrapers, salt, shovel etc in your car or easily accessible. If it snows or is icy, you will need these supplies to clear sidewalks for loading from your old location and unloading at your new place. These will also allow you to keep your movers safe.

Boarding Your Pets: No one wants to leave their pets behind when moving. However boarding your pets is a good idea. Otherwise, they can easily come under the feet of movers which can be troublesome or even dangerous for everyone. And, with all the moving in and out of the home, pets can easily run or wander out. So in order to keep things safe for everyone during a move, it is advisable to board your pets or let them stay with your friends or relatives until the move is completed.

Professional Help: Hiring a professional moving company will definitely make things easier for you and help you avoid the heavy lifting that can turn into a nightmare during cold weather. With professional help, you can relax and let the moving professionals do the whole job for you. However if you’re tight on budget and can’t afford hiring a mover, you can ask for help from family and friends. Once the entire moving is complete, you can get some hot meals and drinks for them as a little token of gratitude for all their efforts. And it is best to plan how each person can best help in the process, such as lifting, packing, disassembling and reassembling, or directing the process.

Move smaller fragile things yourself: Moving day can be fast paced for everyone. And sometimes the unexpected can happen. No one knows your stuff better than you. Take care of it.

Following these tips during a winter season move will help you move like a pro. If you want the help of an experienced, licensed moving specialist in your area, consider AB Moving, your professional movers serving homes and business in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas.